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The Excellence that Lies Beneath Equity Release Schemes

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Equity release schemes are essentially mechanisms that allow you to get a cash lump sum because you can squeeze cash out of the equity on your home. The reason why equity release is so popular with a wide range of mortgage customers is because you do not have to move out of your home to get the best mortgage deals for yourself. EquityRelease2go is definitely one of the best options for you if you need to be more liquid in your finances.

One of the basics of investing, whether you are going for bonds or bricks and mortar, is that you need a healthy dose of cash in your emergency funds. Here are the advantages to choosing equity release schemes:

Rewards you for a lifetime of hard work: One of the main facets of equity release is the fact that you only have to be 55 years old in order to claim equity release from your property. This is fantastic news especially if you are almost about to retire around your 55th birthday or you have surpassed the age of 55. Cash in with equity release because it is definitely a way to reward you for all of your hard work.
Want to give your family security: The majority of us will always want to take care of our family when we are retired or pass the age of 55. Whether this means giving your children a helping hand onto the property ladder or if you want to provide them a savings fund for their futures, it definitely helps if you can release some equity to get a cash lump sum that they can use to their advantage. They say you receive your inheritance at the wrong time of life, so why not have it earlier when requirements are greater e.g. family, extension etc.
Want to stay in one location for the future: Equity release schemes are perfect for people who are the antithesis of the property developer who moves on from one property to the other. If you love the quirky personality of neighbourhoods in London or Manchester and you are happy to live there all your life, it is definitely worth going on an equity release scheme because it has been found to make it easier for people to commit to one property.
• However, equity release schemes are flexible in nature, so if you do decide to move then equity release schemes can be ported to a new property.

Like most things in our world there are always little issues, so while EquityRelease2go sounds great there are some disadvantages you will want to consider before you sign on that mortgage line.

• You either sell part of your home (home reversion) to release equity or you gain a mortgage (lifetime mortgage). One means the loss of your family home and the other means debt is left after you die.
• In the case of lifetime mortgages, your family (beneficiaries) may need to sell the home. They may not have the funds to pay off your mortgage debt immediately. For this reason it is always a good idea to speak with your family before entering into an equity release product.
• Interest accrues on lifetime mortgages unless you opt for the interest only lifetime mortgage. If you do not pay on the interest it adds up until you move or die. This can negate any inheritance for your children. Homes can lose value putting your home in negative equity. If you pay interest you need to have solid funds to make the payments. These funds have to be disposable.

As you can see there are differences in plans open to you and EquityRelease2Go is just one product to examine. You need to be aware of all the benefits and disadvantages. Your family may be fine with selling the home. They may not care if you have left them nothing. Whatever product you choose make certain it has a negative equity clause to at least protect your family. Negative equity without a clause means your family pays the amount owed past the sale of the home value. With the clause any money not gained in a sale is forgiven.

EquityRelease2go is a product of benefit. In your retirement years you may find a need for more cash or you may want to take the holiday you never could. Your home equity is there as tax free cash, but always use it wisely to avoid heartache for your family.