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Pure Retirement Equity Release

The Drawdown Plan offered by Pure Retirement offers a number of set-up cost cutting features including cash toward advice fees in the amount of £500, a free valuation, cash toward legal fees in the amount of £600, and no arrangement fees.

The Pure Retirement Drawdown Plan is available with a higher starting age of 70 with a minimum property valuation of £70,000. This product is available in Wales, England, and mainland Scotland and the minimum release is £25,000. There is a cash facility available with the Pure Retirement Drawdown Plan which allows additional withdrawals to be made from the facility. These additional withdrawals have a minimum of £5,000 per withdrawal.

With all of the fee assistance, the Pure Drawdown Plan requires that homeowners only have to pay for surplus advice fees in excess of the £500 offered by Pure Retirement. The Pure Retirement Drawdown Plan offers higher cash releases with far fewer fees than other lenders and equity release schemes.

OFFER: Free Valuation | No App Fee | Drawdown Facility

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Pure Retirement Drawdown Plan

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