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Partnership Equity Release

The Partnership Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage plan is a roll-up equity release scheme that offers greater tax free cash than normal by taking into account your health and lifestyle data. If you have a history of poor health, depending on severity, Partnership will determine how much extra cash you can receive, than on a standard equity release.

The Partnership Enhanced Plan is therefore ideal for those who just require the maximum equity release lump sum.

Taking into account your age and property value, Partnership actuaries will also reflect on your health to determine how much extra they can lend. This works by the same principles applied to enhanced annuities, whereby calculations are based on a health & lifestyle questionnaire.

The Partnership Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage starts at age 60 and has a minimum loan of £25,000. Further options available on this plan are the Inheritance Protection feature whereby a percentage of the final value of your house can be secured for your children.

Partnership’s set up costs are the lowest on the market coming with FREE valuation, NO application fee & £500 cashback on completion.

*TIP: Enhanced is the future if you require the maximum lump sum possible!

OFFER: Free Valuation | £500 Cashback | NO Application Fee

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Partnership Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage Plan

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