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More2Life Equity Release

The more2life enhanced lifetime mortgage plan allows for greater lump sum withdrawals from your property, by taking into account your health statistics.

If you have a history of illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart attack and even smoking, then more2life could release a larger sum by completing a health & lifestyle questionnaire.

The added flexibility of the more2life enhanced plan is the drawdown facility created should the maximum tax free cash NOT be completely taken from outset.

Ideal should you wish for a maximum cash reserve facility to meet future spending plans.

more2life also have the option of a Protected Equity Guarantee which means an inheritance can be guaranteed for your beneficiaries.

No medical is required for the enhanced plan. More2life simply request a doctors report confirming the conditions stated on your equity release application.

This enhanced equity release plan starts at age 55, with a minimum property value of £70,000 & available in England, Wales & Scotland.

*TIP: Grab your ‘future proofed’ maximum cash reserve facility!

OFFER: FREE Valuation | Rates from 6.19%

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More2life Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage

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