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Just Retirement Equity Release

The Just Retirement Roll-Up Lifetime Mortgage plan is a drawdown
equity release scheme, offering a lifetime fixed rate of interest. Just Retirement’s drawdown lifetime mortgage provides an overall cash
facility, calculated on age and property valuation.

From this cash reserve, Just Retirement will agree to release amounts
of money as and when you require it. These amounts can be taken all
at once, or in stages as smaller drawdown amounts into the future.

Just Retirement’s minimum age is 60 with a minimum initial loan
amount of just £10,000 with a maximum reserve facility being 200%
of this initial loan figure.

This cash facility is made available whenever additional funds are
required, providing there are funds left in the drawdown facility. The
minimum additional withdrawal is £2,000 with NO extra fees for these
drawdown amounts.

In additional tho the standard roll-up plan Just Retirement have now
launched an enhanced lifetime mortgage plan based on health & lifestyle.
The Lump Sum Plus plan can offer a greater amount of cash should a
history of ill-health be evident as life expectancy maybe reduced.

*TIP: Take advantage of Just Retirements unlimited FREE valuation!

OFFER: Free Valuation | £750 Cashback | Rates from 5.29%

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Just Retirement Roll-Up Lifetime

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