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OFFER: £5 Application Fee* | FREE Valuation | Cashback Upto £1,000 | Exclusive Lower Interest Rates | Inheritance Protection

The Aviva Lump Sum plan offers a fixed interest rate for life and can provide a large one-time lump sum payment. This plan is available for those homeowners who are at least age 55 and who have a property with a minimum valuation of £75,000. With this plan, you must withdraw at least £15,000.

This plan is very flexible and can be used to accommodate your particular needs. It offers a number of cash back options including £0, £500, or £1000. Additionally, a free valuation is an option which means no upfront costs. There is a range of interest rates available with this product and your applicable interest rate is contingent on the factors and benefits you choose.

Some options available with the Aviva Lump Sum Plan include an inheritance guarantee and impaired life facility, plus now the option of 10% capital repayments each year with NO penalty. Request more information and see which options will be most beneficial for you.

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Aviva Lump Sum Plan

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